Mobile Responsive

Membership Functionaity (Optional)

Shopping Cart Implementation (Optional)

Collect User Information with Custom Forms

Hi-Resolution Stock Images

HTML 5 and CSS 3 Code Implementation

Custom Showcase Features and Animations

Parallax Backgrounds

Full-width Overlay Sliders

Monthly Website Security Updates

Update Requests at No Extra Charge

Showcase your business with Websites

The world of web development is a vast one and anybody with a computer or laptop, Hosting account and an FTP client can build a website. There are many types of websites one can build and can serve many different purposes. A website is also one of the most important tools a person or business can have and provides the opportunity showcase who they are and what they do to the entire world. There are plenty of people and companies out there that can build you a website, but you have to be careful as a website can either come out a broken mess or a stunning visual showcase. It needs to be maintained and updated on a regular basis as technology changes and information changes. Often individuals or businesses hire web-developers to make these updates and changes for them but can come at an expensive cost.

Over the years companies have developed online self-catering website platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Droopal and more and each serve a different purpose and provide different tools to serve the user’s needs. The aim is to provide users that aren’t too tech and code savvy the opportunity to build websites using a graphical user interface that makes development much easier. These platforms are usually free can be loaded onto an empty domain. A user or developer can buy or get free plugins to provide functionality to the site and they can buy themes to add a semi-customizable look to the site.

To top it all off, companies such as Wix and Wordpress and various E-Commerce providers offer users the opportunity to simplify the whole process by signing up users on a monthly to yearly subscription basis to provide them with website creation capabilities by simply logging onto their web-platform. These platforms generate all the necessary code and set up all the necessary domains required to host and show a website in a matter of minutes. They provide users with pre-made tools to display information, collect user data and showcase images and text in semi-customizable ways. If users pay extra, these platforms and their teams will more-or-less build you a site based on your parameters. The problem is that these platforms can often be limited when it comes to design elements that are generic and don’t generally fit your branding. You also don’t own the site or domain as it is hosted exclusively on their servers.

Quick fix solutions are great if you don’t have much money and are willing to get down and dirty, but isn’t good if your business picks up traction and need to improve or change your website’s elements and structures on the fly. Profusion Media builds and manages highly-optimized CMS-driven Showcase Websites. A must have on any website is the ability for a website to adapt to any screen size which we call Responsiveness. Responsive websites have the ability to reshape itself to fit nicely onto a mobile screen without looking broken or requiring a user to scroll left and right to see hidden portions. It is a major draw factor for leads and your site will rank higher on mobile search results as a large portion of the public use a mobile device to google for things they want or need. Our sites provide standard user data collection capabilities, unique styling methods and utilize the latest in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP technology to bring a truly visual experience to users that will greatly assist in converting them to customers. 

One of the biggest aspects of what we provide is generating all the necessary website content and structures to adequately meet SEO requirements that will get your website ranking high on search engines such as Google through organic growth. If you have the budget to meet our Marketing Campaign requirements then you will have a better chance at generating more Impressions, Website Traffic and a higher Conversion rate. To find out more contact us below.