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Why Do You Need Domain Hosting?

Every website needs a space to be set up, just like a business needs a vacant office or premises in order to be set up. A website needs a piece of online space called a domain. Every domain has an address, much like a street address, so users can find it when typing into the address bar in their browser. The usual result is that the website magically appears before them and they can go through it much like a shop and find what they are looking for. Without a domain, nothing will happen and you will most likely get an error message of some kind or worst case scenario, another company will already using the domain that you want. Registering a domain and renting a server is not that expensive and with the right hosting company, they can help you set it up pretty effortlessly. You also need to get someone to build a website for you and hope it’s not going to be expensive and does what you need it to.

When joining Profusion Media as a ProConnect member, your business will be entitled to free registration of domains pertaining to a single business unit. For example, if you want a local domain such as “” and an international domain “” that will be listed on all SERPs, no matter the location, then we do that for you as well at no extra cost. We will also host your domain on a monthly basis as part of your ProConnect subscription fee. All you have to worry about is your business and customers. As an added bonus and something you may or may not be aware of, having a domain with your company’s name allows us to register email accounts for you and your staff with the business name after @, for example “” or “” can be used. Instead of going the usual route of using a gmail account or some other free email platform for your business emails, you can convey a more professional image to customers or businesses you correspond with when sending company related emails.