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Using Search Engines To List Your Business 

You must have heard about the term “SEO” somewhere or other while cruising around online. The term itself sounds like an abbreviation for some highly exclusive and executive service only meant for the elite, but in reality it is just a structuring method for websites to rank well on search engines such as Google and list higher on search results over time. This process is called organic growth and is often a result of people searching for stuff on Google search. Whether it is a person, movie, product or service, a search engine will display all the results. The problem is that you don’t want to be anywhere but the first page as most people won’t go beyond that to look for services and products you provide.

In the past, SEO was the be all and end all of ranking well on search engines. There weren’t as many websites back then as there are now as the art of building a website often relied on coding and having your own server to host a domain and get anything displayed. Knowing how to structure sites to list on search engines was a crucial and highly expensive service to utilize as traffic to websites meant recognition and profits. In 2018, it is simple to rent a domain and build a website and even implement some basic SEO techniques, but it isn’t enough to use it on its own without PPC campaigns and Social Media campaigns to drive traffic to your website. So you may be asking, why is SEO important then?

The answer is simple, Google still needs to index and list your website to be found in search results when you are not running PPC Campaigns. A well structured website will be listed in Google’s good books and be ranked well over time to climb up the search result ladder and reach the top of the organic growth list, even when not using a PPC campaign to temporarily boost your position in search results. Your website builds up a reputation with Google and other search engines and is based on how your website is listed in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). Google’s search engine, being the most popular engine used, is constantly updated to check if your site is illegally being listed on SERPs using a methods that fall under Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO methods are disapproved listing methods resulting from aspects such as content not related to keywords used in meta-descriptions and page titles. Another illegal method is link building that sends users to websites and pages not related to content that link was on or referring to. The results of Black Hat SEO and poor SEO implementation on your site is that your website will either be banned or ranked very low on SERPs. Profusion Media implements White Hat SEO and follows the recommended SEO guidelines to ensure website listing longevity and higher rankings on search engines.

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