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Using Analytics to Understand Your Target Market

Having access to data created by user activity on websites, social media platforms and marketing campaigns is an invaluable asset that can greatly affect the direction of your business and help steer traffic to your website or social media profiles. There are all kinds of stats you can get, many of which won’t make any sense if you’re not tech savvy. Providing our clients with monthly analytical reports in a digestible format is a key service we provide. We focus on the stats that matter to your business and we analyze and prepare strategy focused campaign drives based on the data contained in the analytics reports.

Profusion Media provides reports on traffic and keyword related results produced from PPC campaigns which will allow us to add more keywords to the database and adjust current keywords being used to achieve better listing results in as many SERPs as possible. On websites we provide reports on Website Traffic, Page Views, PPC campaigns, Users and Referrals from Traffic Sources such as social media and blogs. On social media we provide detailed reporting on Page and Post Engagement, Traffic, Impressions, Page Views and more. The monthly reports will ultimately allow you to make an informed decision on branding changes and possible service changes and implementations that you and your company may be faced with in order to pull in online traffic and grow your business.

We always encourage feedback and suggestions made on your part as we believe in personal service and engagement to better create marketing strategies to improve monthly stats. No idea is too silly or too far-fetched and you are ultimately the boss of your company. If you are not sure what to do or what direction you would like to go in to get your business where it needs to be, we will be more than happy to sit and discuss possible solutions and direction opportunities as we are visionaries ourselves and enjoy seeing small to medium businesses flourish and reach their goals.